Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

Choosing your wedding colors can be one of the most difficult yet important tasks. Here are a few tips to help make your decision process a little bit easier. 

  • Identify colors that you typically gravitate toward. If there are colors that you love, embrace them! Imagine walking into a room surrounded by the colors that make you happiest. Go on, I'll wait... You're welcome. 


  • Colors that suit you. I have a theory that the colors you choose to surround yourself with on your big day (flowers, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire) should compliment you, or at least not clash with your look. I know it may sound silly but imagine all the photos you'll have and the proximity of those colors to you. If you don't like how you look in mustard yellow be sure not to surround yourself with it. I'm a big picture girl, just trust me on this one!


  • Consider the season, your venue and overall wedding style. Now hear me out, I know I always say that there are no rules (and there really aren't) but there are some things that just work. Winter wonderland weddings are white with icy blues and silvers. Can you have an orange and pink wedding in the dead of winter? Sure! But it could help you to narrow down your options if you don't have your mind set on something already. Think about the colors that stand out during your wedding season, colors and tones that compliment your venue (you'll need less decor) and colors that match your wedding style. 

Hope you found these tips helpful! Happy planning :)